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GPS OBD Tracker

GPS Hard-wired Tracker

GPS Portable Tracker

  • Small, compact, user-friendly device
  • Plug ‘n Play connectivity
  • Latest GPS hardware
  • Automatic satellite and cellular signal acquisition
  • Storage of off-line positioning
  • Magnetic case w/ extended battery option for portable device (as seen to right)


Installation is easy! Wiring the Geosavi GPS device into your fleet or private vehicle takes about 30 minutes, and you’re set! We also offer a GPS OBDII port plug-in device for certain model vehicles. If you prefer wireless, we offer a portable GPS tracking device with an extended battery and optional magnetic case.

Geosavi trained technicians will activate the Geosavi GPS device for you.

The Geosavi GPS device is transferable from one vehicle to the next by simply taking out and re-installing in the new vehicle.

Geosavi Online GPS Tracking

Our System is incredibly simple with real bottom line savings. The Geosavi GPS Online Tracking System has proven to be the most versatile user friendly and value driven fleet and work force management system on the market today. No installation is required. From the small business owner and service provider to the large corporate fleet manager, one can virtually ride “Shot Gun” with each of his vehicles from anywhere in the world with the very minimal of Internet skills – Instantly.