How does the GPS tracker work?

The GPS device utlizes both GPS and cellular signals to transmit location data.

Will your device work on all vehicles?

With very few exceptions, our OBDII device is compatible with all vehicles years 1996 and newer. If your vehicle does not have an OBD port or is older than 1996, we also offer a hardwired device that provides the same level and quality of tracking functionality as our OBDII device. Please call or contact us and we would be happy to set you up with the proper device.

Is your product made in America?

Yes. In addition, our OBDII product comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

What's the GPS range?

You can view the location and status of your Geosavi enabled vehicle immediately any time, anywhere via the internet..

How many vehicles can be tracked at one time?

The capacity of our Geosavi GPS Online Tracking Program to display your vehicle(s) location is unlimited.

What if I am not using all of my vehicles at one time - do I still have to pay a monthly web tracking fee for those vehicles?

No. You don’t need to buy the device and purchase the web tracking service for your entire fleet. As your operation expands, you can purchase additional systems and hosting services.

Can I transfer the device from one vehicle to another?

Yes, the Geosavi GPS Devices can be transferred from one vehicle to another by simply removing and replacing that same tracking device to your most active vehicles OBDII connection.

What if I only have a couple of company vehicles that I use in my business?

The Geosavi GPS Fleet Management System is specifically designed for those small to midsized fleets. Calculate that percentage of operating costs your vehicles represent whether it’s two or two hundred. You’ll find it to be significant.

How often does the tracking data refresh in the Geosavi online tracking program?

The data refresh rate will depend on which level of tracking service you are subscribed. Based on our clients demand and specific needs, we offer 3 tracking service plans that will directly affect how often you receive new tracking data. Our premium service provides a refresh of data every 1 minute. Our Locate Now service provides a fixed number of direct requests for location of your vehicles that is for users that only occasionally need to locate their vehicles. Our Stolen Vehicle plan allows our users to activate our Premium 1-minute locate plan for a short amount of time every month until their vehicle is recovered.

How difficult is it to be able to access the web hosting service and view all of the management reporting tools?

It is very simple. You will be given a customized web page and login credentials to access your own fleet of vehicles and manage them accordingly utilizing our entire set of management reporting tools.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract in order to use Geosavi's tracking service?

No. The use of the Geosavi online tracking service is on a Month-to-Month basis. You will be billed each month on a recurring basis in advance for the following month. Please view our Terms of Service for more information.

How does the Geosavi Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling System work?

It will keep track of fleet maintenance and send alerts to you via email when maintenance is required.

How do I get ``real time`` alerts and reports?

Real Time notification is sent to you via email when your vehicle is speeding, idling, stopped, or traveling outside of the work area with downloadable reports for alert events.

Can I get insurance discounts for using Geosavi GPS?

Yes, most of the major carriers offer discounts for using GPS Systems. This can give you an immediate return on your investment.

What if my vehicle is stolen?

In the event of vehicle theft, your vehicle can be located within seconds. The Geosavi GPS device is not readily visible and cannot be used unless assigned to your unique highly secure Geosavi Web Host. You will know immediately if your vehicle is stolen or your system is tampered with.

What does ``Geofencing`` mean?

You are able to designate a parameter as to the area in which you allow your vehicle to be driven. If the vehicle leaves that designated area, you will receive immediate notification.

How can I export my vehicle tracking information?

Our online tracking program includes an easy data export feature. Based on which report you are viewing, you can simply click on the “Export” link and this will instantaneously generate a .csv file which can be opened in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

What happens if a device is unplugged or disconnected?

If your OBDII device is unplugged or if your hardwired device is disconnected, you will be notified immediately by email or text message based on your preference in your account settings.