Why Geosavi?

Our System is incredibly simple with real bottom line savings. The Geosavi Fleet/Vehicle Tracking System has proven to be the most versatile user friendly and value driven fleet and work force management system on the market today. No installation is required. From the small business owner and service provider to the large corporate fleet manager, one can virtually ride “Shot Gun” with each of his vehicles from anywhere in the world with the very minimal of Internet skills – Instantly. We offer many standard pricing structures with a full complement of online GPS management reporting tools:

  • Current Location – View the location and status of your Geosavi GPS enabled vehicle immediately, anytime, anywhere via your custom online GPS software solution.
  • History – View the history of where, when, and how your vehicle has traveled over any given timeframe.
  • Proximity Search – Determine the closest vehicle to any given location instantly.
  • Alerts and Reports – Real-Time Notification via email when your vehicle is speeding, idling, stopped, or traveling outside of a work area with downloadable reports for alert events.
  • Maintenance – Keep track of fleet maintenance and receive alerts when maintenance is required with our integrated Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling System.
  • Mileage Reports – Quickly view mileage per each trip or generate a report to review mileage useage over any specified period. This is ideal for tax purposes and job costing.
  • Fuel Savings – Find your vehicle’s “sweet spot” for maximum efficiency.
  • Vehicle Theft – In the event of vehicle theft, your vehicle along with your valuable materials can be located within seconds. The Geosavi device is not readily visible as are the standard GPS navigation systems. The Geosavi System cannot be used unless assigned to your unique highly secure Geosavi Web Host. You will know immediately if your system is tampered with. It’s as if you are riding shotgun in each of your company’s vehicles.
  • Geofencing – Receive immediate notification in the event your vehicle moves out of the designated area.
  • Reduced Fleet Insurance Premiums – Most of the major carriers offer discounts for using GPS systems. Get an immediate return on your investment.
  • Go Green – The Geosavi Vehicle Tracking System eliminates waste profitably.